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Google has made some changes, and one of the changes is that they now list some links as bad, and they also tell you that you need to try and remove these links because they are hurting you in the search results.

Then you have a bunch of so called experts that run around and sell their service to people trying to get these links removed. So after several of these requests. I have just decided that it's not worth messing with and I am just going to take down my link exchange page.

Very few people even understood how and why it works anyway.

And if your one of the people who paid money for the awesome service of having your bad  links removed, just think about this for a minute. If there really was a site that could link to you and knock you out of googles search results, why wouldn't you pay that site to link to all your competetors and just knock them all out?

Incase you don't know the answer it's because it does not work.  So by removing your old links, your just wasting your time. Of course if your trying to remove links it also means that your listening to google for your SEO advice and from day one google has proven to only give the absolute  worst advice possible.  Which makes sense , because if they really told you how their search engine worked and how to out rank everyone else, don't you think everyone else would be doing it by now?

I don't think many people understand how links and page rank work anyway.

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